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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use an Ultrasonic cleaner
Sit the cleaner on a flat surface and 3/4 fill with water or water detergent mixture .Select the time required for cleaning on the front timer panel The time will vary depending on how dirty your item is and the detergent you are using . Select the required tank tempreture .You will need it hotter for badly soiled items Press the start button and that's it. Wait until the timer has finished (this will stop the ultrasonic function) rinse and dry your clean items...[more]

Cleaning Fluid
Now you can go enviromently friendly . For simple cleaning of lightly soiled articles you can use straight water . For heavily soiled articles you can use the heating function and an alcaline detergent DO NOT USE FLAMMABLE CLEANING PRODUCTS DUE TO THE FIRE RISK DO NOT USE ACIDIC CLEANERS THEY WILL DAMAGE THE TANK AND BASKET ( REMEMBER VINEGAR IS AN ACID )...[more]

Can ultrasonic cleaners damage my articles ?
Yes some of the softer gem stones Opal, pearl, emerald, tanzanite, malachite, turquoise, lapis and coral can be damaged. Also some of the softer metals can show signs of cavitation if left in a working cleaner for too long...[more]

Can I use harsher chemicals for cleaning
Yes you can just put your chemicals into a Pyrex beaker and lower it into the ultrasonic cleaner filled with water .The ultrasonic vibrations will be transferred through the beaker and onto your article being cleaned.By putting the harsher chemicals into the beaker you are protecting the stainless cleaning tank...[more]

Why does the water get hot
The water in the cleaning bath will get hot even if you aren't using the heating function .This is due to the cavitation caused by the ultrasonic action...[more]