Accessory Baskets

Baskets for smaller parts
  • Fine Clip on Basket
    Fine stainless steel clip on basket .Will clip on to Ultrasonic cleaners 2.5 litre and bigger.Ideal for smaller parts
    NZ$ 68.22
    NZ$ 59.32 excl GST
  • Stainless Basket 250mm x 150mm x 50mm
    Top quality stainless steel instrument basket
    NZ$ 63.25
    NZ$ 55.00 excl GST
  • Fine long clip on basket
    Clip on basket will fit 4 Litre and above ultrasonic cleaners
    This basket just clips to the top of the tank
    Great for smaller items
    200mm long x 100mm wide x 55mm deep
    NZ$ 74.00
    NZ$ 64.35 excl GST