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  • Ultrasonic Cleaners, Domestic & Light Industrial | Ultrasonics NZ
    These ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for lighter articles, they all come with 5mm stainless mesh baskets and lids. They all work at 40Khz and the transducer power increases as the tank size goes up. The transducer power is optimized for the tank size , meaning it doe's not matter what size tank you have you can be assured the cleaning will be thorough
  • Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners | Ultrasonics NZ
    Our Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners are hand fabricated of thicker stainless steel than their domestic counterparts. The larger Ultrasonic Cleaners in this range have a separate control box and are capable of working continuously. They have hand made tanks, cabinets and baskets of heavier construction. Which enables them to cope with heavier items You wont be disappointed with their performance or endurance. WE STAND BEHIND EVERY ULTRASONIC CLEANER WE SELL IF YOU CANT SEE A SIZE THAT WORKS FOR YOU CONTACT US FOR A CUSTOM UNIT
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessory Baskets | Ultrasonics NZ
    Baskets for smaller parts