How do I use an Ultrasonic cleaner

How do I use an Ultrasonic cleaner



Remember electricity and water dont mix! If you are filling or emptying the tank unplug the ultrasonic cleaner from the wall.

Do not put your hands into the tank when it is working.

 If you intend to leave the ultrasonic cleaner unattended we sugest you fit a wall timer to turn the power off. The tank heater will keep the water at what ever tempreture you have set. This in itself is not a problem but the water can evaporate during use and damage the heater assembly.

1 : Fill the tank to 3/4 full with water or your detergent mix.

2 : Don't use harsh chemicals in the tank. (put them in a submerged beaker if needed)

3: Don't use flammable liquids in the tank. (fire,personal and property damage may result)

4 : Put your items in the mesh basket and place in tank.

5 : Set tank tempreture to desired level. (hotter for oil, grease removal)

6 : Set count down timer to desired level.

7 : When the cleaner has finished its count down remove your items and flush with clean water.You might have to blow dry the items with an air duster .If you are using a  headed tank the items will usually dry themselves.     


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