2.0 Litre Ultrasonic cleaner with Degas mode

2.0 Litre Ultrasonic cleaner  with Degas mode

2.0 Litre Ultrasonic cleaner with Degas mode

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2.0 Litre ultrasonic cleaner with DEGAS mode and variable power setting

50 Watt transducer @ 40 KHz frequency
Tank size 150 L x 140 w x 100 h
Overall size 190 x 170 x 220
The stainless basket has 10 mm mesh and is approx 10 mm smaller than the tank all around
Also has a plastic lid

Full digital control of tank temperature
0-80 degrees
Timer settable from 0-99 minutes
Dual power mode for regular or soft cleaning

Full stainless tank , body and basket
This removes the gases from the liquid when the tank is first filled .
Once the gases are removed the ultrasonic cleaner will work better
There are a number of ways top do this
1: Just leave the solution to settle for a few hours
2: Just use the ultrasonic cleaner as usual and after the first cleaning cycle the fluid will have just about degassed
3: Use degas mode ,this speeds up the process by allowing the trapped gasses to escape while Degas mode is active

Need to clean your equipment ?
Can be used for a multitude of cleaning purposes from dental to industrial .
You can use straight water in the tank for light cleaning or for heavy cleaning you can use an alkaline detergent and heat the water, this will remove heavy contaminants (oil ,carbon) we have even found it will remove paint.
Should you have trouble outside of warranty we keep stock of repair parts
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